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The Old Village of Union Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) corporation, so donations of money, items and volunteer mileage may be deductible on your income tax (depending on your own tax situation).


Cash Donations


Like most other museums, we can always use cash contributions. Simply make out a check as follows:


Old Village of Union Historical Society


You can either drop it in our ‘Donations’ jar by the front door, or mail it to:

    Old Village of Union Historical Society

    40 Washington Ave

    Endicott NY 13760


Item Donations


We are also interested in donations (or, in the right situation, loans) of items that you own and would like to give us. The following are the types of things we are interested in:


History of Village of Endicott or Village of Union

Anything related to any of the following:

-- IBM

-- Endicott Johnson

-- Endicott Schools

-- Washington Avenue

-- Any Endicott Business

-- Social Clubs

-- Churches

-- Fraternal Organizations

-- Police or Fire Companies

-- Items Manufactured in Endicott

-- Old Photos, Books, Documents


U-E and M-E Schools

We are working on expanding our exhibits about the Union-Endicott and Maine-Endwell Schools. To that end, we are looking for donations of any and all of the following to add to our displays:

-- Band Uniforms

-- Band Memorabilia

-- Band Cookbook

-- Football Uniforms, Helmets

-- Fight Song Music

-- Sports Memorabilia

-- Cheerleader Uniforms

-- Basketball Uniforms

-- Varsity Letters

-- Pictures

-- Wrestling Uniforms, Headgear

-- Tee-Shirts & Hats

-- Jackets

-- Yearbooks

-- Pins & Buttons

-- Newsletters

-- The U-E “Tiger Eye”

-- The M-E “Spartan Spirit”

-- Old Class Photos

-- Bumper Stickers

-- Class Rings

-- Photos  & Stories of Famous Alumni

-- Video of U-E Band at the
Rose Parade (1977)

-- M-E Little League World
Championship Items (2016)

-- Anything to do with Clubs

-- Pictures from Musicals or Plays

-- Commencement Invitations & Programs

-- Anything Related to School History

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40 Washington Ave, Endicott NY 13760 -- Open Saturdays 10 AM - 2 PM

607-785-3230 -- -- 607-727-2503 --


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