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The museum has received a donation of a very large number of IBM clocks. We placed a sampling of them in our front window display. Watch for an announcement in 2023 as to when we will have some of them ready for a more formal display.





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Endicott History & Heritage Center.


40 Washington Avenue in Downtown Endicott, New York.Across from M&T bank, next to Rent-A-Center


Come & visit our museum. Endicott’s story is amazing and unmatched !


a) Birthplace of IBM.


b) Hometown of Endicott Johnson Shoe Co., the largest in the world by 1950 !


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607-785-3230 --  


 607-727-2503 --  

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Saturdays, 10 AM - 2 PM

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40 Washington Ave, Endicott NY 13760 -- Open Saturdays 10 AM - 2 PM

607-785-3230 -- -- 607-727-2503 --


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